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My emotions swirl down a black endless tunnel.  Every time I think I have these emotions, feelings,  and doubts under control, a new day begins with a set of new problems that I fail to have the solutions for.   As... Continue Reading →


"You know, I'm really sorry I cant sit and talk but I really must get back to work"  Becky explains getting up from her chair while awkwardly trying to cover her pj's with her robe. Her mother in law, Margret,  looks up... Continue Reading →

That August Light

Racism: My first encounter

A little piece of me.

Bobby studies the floor as he holds the phone over the railing waiting for the message to finish playing. The volume is high and it bounces off the walls of the stairwell. He’s heard it a thousand times on his... Continue Reading →

I can hear your heartbeat louder than ever as I lay now on your chest. There are not many sounds in the world that make me feel the way I do now, here, with you. The most reasonable comparison that... Continue Reading →

My Child

A letter to you

A Website.

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