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Short story


The sun is so near I can feel each ray warm every particle on my face as i lean back on the swing with my eyes closed. I rotate my neck slowly in a circle as I stretch it, breathing... Continue Reading →


Painfully Love

“You look nice,” he whispers in my ear as we part from our long awaited hug. I look into his eyes, “thank you,” I smile. This is going to go well, I can feel it. We stand across from each... Continue Reading →

500 word limit contest sweet 17. I wrote this story more than 3 years ago..I honestly dont know if its any good. You tell me 🙂 I haven't been able to post anything this month so I figured I may add this. Enjoy, if you didn't I'm sorry ❤

"You know, I'm really sorry I cant sit and talk but I really must get back to work"  Becky explains getting up from her chair while awkwardly trying to cover her pj's with her robe. Her mother in law, Margret,  looks up... Continue Reading →

Bobby studies the floor as he holds the phone over the railing waiting for the message to finish playing. The volume is high and it bounces off the walls of the stairwell. He’s heard it a thousand times on his... Continue Reading →

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