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You Are Not Stuck!

  Whoever one of you who’s feeling like you're in a rut, like nothing is changing, this is for you.  Whoever one you who feels like you're running on a treadmill that is going 80 miles per hour and despite... Continue Reading →


What I’ve learned at 21

Part I: Self-love I'm pretty sure that we've all heard as children that we have to not only respect each other but ourselves. How important it is to love yourself, be yourself, be unique, and how it's possible to accomplish... Continue Reading →

Will I make it: Journal Entry

Its been really hard to express how I feel lately.  I dont like talking, I’m at this spot where I kind of gave up on talking, too tired of it.  However I have been trying, everyday, to not give up... Continue Reading →

My uncle told me once that he'd  seen this older man in a wheelchair getting fed by his caregiver.  The caregiver had seemed annoyed and mumbled really mean things to the man with each spoonful.  She would say things like;... Continue Reading →


My emotions swirl down a black endless tunnel.  Every time I think I have these emotions, feelings,  and doubts under control, a new day begins with a set of new problems that I fail to have the solutions for.   As... Continue Reading →

Racism: My first encounter

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