I reflect probably way too much on how dependent our society is on technology. And I remember the times when we weren’t and how much simpler things were. The world has always had it’s chaos but the difference is people were emotionally more available for others and themselves. I’m not here to bash social media in the least the world has been given so many opportunities due to it, so many jobs become available and so many ways to be connected. I’m bringing attention to the fact that people are using social media in replace of social interaction.  We never used to show support by “liking” someones post on Facebook.  We didn’t post a cute picture to get attention from someone we liked. From what I can remember, because I’m a 90’s kids, not many people had such the fast paced life style we all have now.  There was no such thing as Snapchat that we could goof around on.   You really had no other choice when you were bored other than to physically interact with the people around you. 

One phrase that I have come to dislike over the years is “how are you”. Because I know that people don’t  want to know that answer. And I’m not saying that I’m always  down and depressed and I wish people would notice me more.  No, its the fact that if someone is asking something of someone they should  want to know the true answer. Majority of the times I feel most people, and maybe it’s just the people I come across, only ask how I’m doing for an update in my life. People want to know about the level of my schooling, have I met someone, what kind of job do I have, in other words what have I accomplished in my life so far.  Where is the sensibility, have we all become robots?Some people think its all about the accomplishments you make in life but in truth, no matter how many  goals a person reaches, if their not happy with themselves and their life right now, these accomplishments in the end will leave emptiness.  Materialistic things will never give a person happiness.  “How are you” should mean how are you doing as a person right now, today, how are you feeling.  The next time you ask someone how they are genuinely mean it and be prepared to hear that  maybe they’re not okay.  Be prepared to sit there listen and support them.  Take a breather and slow down, not only for them but for yourself.  If you’re not ready to do that, then you should keep your questions to yourself.