Good morning everyone, its Queeny or as you all know me Classy Queeny. As many of you know I have not produced any articles essays, short stories, poems in a long time…since last year.  I first off want to start by saying that I hope everyone is well, healthy, and happy.  Happiness is taken for granted far too much, and it’s not easy at all for some people to have, especially if you’re dealing with anxiety and depression.  Sometimes you live a moment of your life where you’re at a good spot and you think it’s going to last forever, but nothing last forever, happiness doesn’t last forever.  So if you’re happy right now in this moment treasure that, and remember it because you never know what can happen in life.  The thing is, it’s ironic how we wouldn’t know what happiness is if we didn’t have sadness in our lives. We would not appreciate it all because without sadness because happiness would be normal, dull, everyday living.  If you experience sadness, in fact the more depth of the sadness,the more greater appreciation you have of happiness.


I lost my grandfather, a few days before new years.  Totally unexpected. I had so many plans with him, so many things I wanted to tell him.  You never know what’s going to happen in life literally like in a week back after back he was having extreme fits; heart attacks, strokes, seizures it was like “what’s happening” he went into a coma at the end, his brain swelled and then he woke up again and we thought he would be okay but in bed for the rest of his life.  And then he slept and he didn’t wake up and the next thing you know, we’re burying him. It comforts me to know that we were all there that there were so many people there.  And that he knew he was loved because our family had been divided for a long time.  My grandmother and him were divorced, there were history that went way back from different sides of the family.  Now that he’s gone we all realize how not important so many things were.  I had a relationship with him and I am so grateful for that.  I am so happy i had that relationship and that he knew that i loved him.  And he knew that i was aware of the history he had with everyone, and I loved him and I’m happy he knew that.  


Any one reading, I just want you to know, if you’re happy right now, this moment in your life… with anything in your life cherish that.  Cherish every person in your life that you love right now, because you do not know anything about the future.  You don’t know whats going to happen the next hour, the next day.  Live the present like there is no future; live in the moment. Be grateful.  Be kind.  Love each other.  Make up with whoever you’re fighting with or having disagreements with because its probably not that important.  And if it is important come to an agreement and compromise. Don’t hate.  Hate takes up so much energy and is such a waste of breathe, time,and life.  It helps no one to hate, its never helped anyone to hate.


I loved my grandfather and if I didn’t see past the history he’s had in his life and the stories people have told me I wouldn’t been able to know him like I did.  And he was a beautiful person and he loved me.  And he has looked out for me like no one else has.  He has supported me, was there for me and I will never forget that man.  This is not me being corny, it’s fact; I will cherish that man for the rest of my life.  And I will have that happiness in my heart that i can only have because of the relationship because I was able to forgive. There will always be a piece of me that will glow that will sparkle because of him
That’s all I can share for today.  I love you guys,anyone who has supported, thank you so much.  I will post more hah, it just seems life keeps throwing things at me and I’m trying to keep up so bare with me.  Until then stay beautiful, stay true, stay you.