My uncle told me once that he’d  seen this older man in a wheelchair getting fed by his caregiver.  The caregiver had seemed annoyed and mumbled really mean things to the man with each spoonful.  She would say things like; “stupid old man,” “can’t believe I’m stuck with you,” “open up your mouth already, quick!”  However, despite the cruel things she was saying she made sure he finished the whole plate and furthermore he looked well groomed and taken care, more or less.  My uncle, after seeing this, talked it over with one of his friends who had explained that the old man, Frank, was really the caregivers brother-in-law.  Back in Frank’s prime he was a domestic abuser to his wife, he beat her almost everyday but she continued to stay with him and even loved him after all the abuse he put her through.  She lived a short life and died before her husband.  Now her sister, whom is the caregiver of Frank, believes her death was a result of the years of abuse and strain Frank put on her body.  She has vouched to never forgive or forget how he has destroyed her family.

Life Lesson:  Treat every person you encounter in life with respect and goodness, because you never know which hand will feed you during desperate times.