“You look nice,” he whispers in my ear as we part from our long awaited hug.
I look into his eyes, “thank you,” I smile. This is going to go well, I can feel it.

We stand across from each other in silence, both grinning, but the silence isn’t weird at all it’s comforting, refreshing.

“How’s school?” He asks, after a while.

I nod at him “ a lot better,” and it was true. After we took a break from each other I found myself putting all of my energy on things important for me, things I had to do, focus on me. Doesn’t mean I didn’t miss him, I did, a lot. I’m dying to know what he’s been doing all this time without me.

“Hows your health, how’s life treating you? Whats up?” I spit out at once with way too much enthusiasm. I laugh and so does he.

“Really well actually,” he replies, “I met someone.”

My smile fades but I don’t respond right away. I let the words settle in because I’m not sure I understand what he means. His face get a tad bit pink as I stare at him in confusion. Nope he’s gonna have to explain that, this don’t add up.

“What?” I ask.

“I met someone,” he repeats himself and fidgets around as if to shake off the awkwardness of my stare. “ I think you know her,” he continues.

I can feel my body heating up and my pulse on the verge of exploding. Breath girl. “Well who is she, what do you mean you think I know her. How?” I keep my voice low, trying to keep cool even though my legs shake.

“Well she is on your friends list on facebook, Mia”
I literally laugh out loud. “Well what the hell Tom, did you go through my facebook friends to search for a new girlfriend as soon as we split?”

He clicks his tongue “ Of course not, it just happened.” He looks at me with big eyes “you’re the one that left. You blocked me out of your life, you did that.”

“Yes, I blocked you out because I had a lot of baggage I needed to handle. You know how crazy my life is! I needed to get stable to figure shit out. All I asked for was a break, we didn’t actually break up Tom! We were on a break! How can you stand here and act like this is the most normal thing ever? We talked about marriage, it was serious I– ”

“I don’t know what you want me to say…” he cuts me off. “Sky, we can’t help who we fall in love with. It just happened. I’m sorry”

“Love?” My eyes water but I refuse to let even one teardrop fall in front of him. “You love her?” I ask.


The tone of his voice kills me the most. The words just rolled off his tongue like pearls. This was so easy for him, was he enjoying it? Is he getting off on my pain. He must know I’m hurting. We had been a couple for three years and within a 3 month break he had managed to find a girl and fall in love with her. Just three months ago I was the girl he said he loved. He must have talked to her when we were together, how else is he in love with her.

I take a few steps back, putting my hand over my heart. I gulp, my throat throbbing, “Did you cheat on me?” I whisper. My glare turns to the floor, I can’t look at him.

“No, no. It wasn’t like that at all.” He steps closer.  “Look I still want to be friends. I care. Sky, I really don’t want this to be it.”

“You care…hmm.” I bite my lips. Dont cry, dont cry, dont cry. I pinch myself and force my eyes to meet his.  My eyes water and my vision is blurred. “Just to let you know I loved you alot, and this… hurt. Congratulations on being the one who could hurt me the most. You won.” With that I turn around and walk away and with each step my tears flow like a waterfall.

Goodbye Tom.