“You know, I’m really sorry I cant sit and talk but I really must get back to work”  Becky explains getting up from her chair while awkwardly trying to cover her pj’s with her robe.

Her mother in law, Margret,  looks up trying to hide how unimpressed she is.  It was their first time meeting and she had expected that Becky could have at least washed her face, let alone get out of her pajamas.  “Yeah okay, you do what you need to do dear,” she responds under her breath.

Derek, Becky’s husband, chuckles to himself silently as he watches his wife walk back to her office in a frantic hurry.  “I’m sorry mom, you just caught her at a very difficult time.  I tell you all the time how much she stresses over her work, well this is just one of those times.  It’s why we rented this cabin to get some seclusion from the outside world. She says nature helps her think, you can understand.”

No, Margret couldn’t understand, she thought to herself.  She was a little concerned for her son especially since she could have sworn she heard Becky talking to herself just a split second ago. But she simply gave her son a nod who was didn’t seem to acknowledge it.  “Speaking of work, how are your students treating you?” She attempts to get the idea of her weird daughter-in-law out of her head.

“Yeah they’re awesome as per usua…”

Damn!  Screamed Becky from her office both of their heads now peered down to the hall to get a glance of what was happening, but Derek grew quickly uninterested and proceeds to start the conversation again.

Margret interrupts, “what is happening in there?”

“Well, mom remember what I told you, she’s frustrated with work because shes out of ideas.”

“What does that have to do with her talking to herself, is she crazy?”

“She’s a writer who has writers block,” Derek laughs, “so yeah, I guess she kind of is right now.”