I can hear your heartbeat louder than ever as I lay now on your chest. There are not many sounds in the world that make me feel the way I do now, here, with you. The most reasonable comparison that I can make is how I feel when I hear the sound of ocean waves crashing into one another. Early mornings at the beach when I’m in my element when I’m in that moment, the moment when I close my eyes and use my remaining senses to camouflage with my surroundings, relaxingly taking breaths in and out. That moment when the crispy, light air brushes through my neck, cheeks, and hair. That moment when my nostrils flare up with appreciation of freshness and coolness deriving from the waters. That moment when all I hear is the strong force of the waters in motion and my intuition tells me that it’s talking to me. I listen and my heart lovingly corresponds back. That moment when I’m deep within myself and collide with these waves. I become these waves I become the waters in all its moves and all its glory, we unite as one spirit, drifting away, just drifting.

As I lay with you, my beloved, this is how I feel. I look at every part of you with lust, sensation, and contempt. Our hearts have now synchronized beats. They’re beating as one. Listen.

Da thump. Da thump. Da thump…

Serenity is all I know now. Here, with you and there’s no where else I would rather be. Let our spirits talk to one another, unite, and drift away. Just drift away.