Oh sweet child, there are days I am a bit envious of your ignorance but soon after I worry.  I worry for the day you will wake up and realize how big this world is.  I dread the day your problems will exceed beyond the playground. The day the tears you shed are not because Tommy doesn’t want to play with you but because the person you fell in love with doesn’t love you back.  Oh sweet child I love how your eyes sparkle when you meet new people, I love your optimism for trying new things.  Yet, I grow anxious of the day the sparkle in you eyes will be washed away by others deceitful actions and lies.  I dread the day you will question the motives of every new person that enters your life.  I dread the day when you come to realize there are people who exist that have no other motive but to make you miserable.  Dear sweet child I hope you learn how to avoid those people, how to keep evil out of your life.  Oh sweet child I hope you will never let them break you. I hope you will love your body and be happy with your life.  Oh dear child I dread the day you will realize that even your role models are far away from perfect.  I dread the day I will disappoint you.  The day you will come to know I do not have all the answers.  Dear sweet child I weep knowing I cannot tell you how to live your live, and even if I did, you would never listen.  There is a short period in a child’s life when the words of a mother are no longer words but simply a buzzing noise.  Regardless there is a limit to how much can be taught, life is meant to be experienced.  Dear sweet child please keep in mind that I was once you.  In a way, I have never stopped being you.  I am learning each day how to be better, how to make the right choices and figure out the right answers.  My child, my Darling, take my hand and lets find these answers together.