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You Are Not Stuck!

  Whoever one of you who’s feeling like you're in a rut, like nothing is changing, this is for you.  Whoever one you who feels like you're running on a treadmill that is going 80 miles per hour and despite... Continue Reading →

Be that One who Listens

I hope my tone in this article isn't too harsh. But when you come to my blog, I talk about things that mean things to me. I'm passionate and open about my topics and I hope all of you lovely's can understand. ❤

How to Be Free

Hi guys!  I'm here today to share tips on how to achieve one of the most important things in life for me, freedom.  Stay tuned. Don't let fear paralyze you from accomplishing your dreams: The opinions of your friends and... Continue Reading →

You NEED To Be Selfish

Rosie Culture

It was when I had gotten screwed over in a relationship for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time that I finally decided to make a change. Whether it was a different guy hurting me or hurting myself by going back to the same guy over and over again, at the end of the day I was hurting.

And that’s when I stopped caring about being selfish.

How many times can someone tell you they’re not going to do something again, then do it again? How many times will you believe them?

You so often care about other people’s feelings, but forget about yourself. And how is that even possible? To forget about the feelings of the actual entity that you are. It seems impossible, but we often allow ourselves to get hurt to save others.

It’s time to save yourself.

Being sad, being broken, being mistreated really isn’t just another part…

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What I’ve learned at 21

Part I: Self-love I'm pretty sure that we've all heard as children that we have to not only respect each other but ourselves. How important it is to love yourself, be yourself, be unique, and how it's possible to accomplish... Continue Reading →

Death. Happiness.

Good morning everyone, its Queeny or as you all know me Classy Queeny. As many of you know I have not produced any articles essays, short stories, poems in a long time...since last year.  I first off want to start... Continue Reading →


The sun is so near I can feel each ray warm every particle on my face as i lean back on the swing with my eyes closed. I rotate my neck slowly in a circle as I stretch it, breathing... Continue Reading →

Will I make it: Journal Entry

Its been really hard to express how I feel lately.  I dont like talking, I’m at this spot where I kind of gave up on talking, too tired of it.  However I have been trying, everyday, to not give up... Continue Reading →

My uncle told me once that he'd  seen this older man in a wheelchair getting fed by his caregiver.  The caregiver had seemed annoyed and mumbled really mean things to the man with each spoonful.  She would say things like;... Continue Reading →

Painfully Love

“You look nice,” he whispers in my ear as we part from our long awaited hug. I look into his eyes, “thank you,” I smile. This is going to go well, I can feel it. We stand across from each... Continue Reading →

500 word limit contest sweet 17. I wrote this story more than 3 years ago..I honestly dont know if its any good. You tell me 🙂 I haven't been able to post anything this month so I figured I may add this. Enjoy, if you didn't I'm sorry ❤

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